What is a Romance Tour?


I had my usual drinking spree every Friday and at some point, some of my friends broke the ice and asked me a very unusual question: “What is a romance tour?”

The alcohol had me wiped out of all the neurons I’ve saved for the day but neither did it stop me from being tactless in describing it as online shopping for Mail Order brides. 

The actual discussion was just walk in the park as it was (as always) nothing too serious to ponder.

However, I had the chance to search it online and finally learned the entire depiction of what a romance tour is.

The entire media world may have plagued it will all the wrong connotations and I may have fallen prey to some of them but at the end of the day, our notions are bound to change.

A Romance Tour describes tours highlighting men who are in search for a serious relationships. In contrast to what sex tours are, Romance tours always have marriage as the final output. There may be traditional ways to court someone and yet the world spins in an incredible way that the modern life has paved the way to million ways of finding your true love. Men just cannot wait for the apple to fall from the tree nor bribe gravity in pulling down the apple.

Simply put, a romance tour is a great combination of online dating and traveling. The only difference it makes is you’ll definitely learn to love other cultures and know what your standards are for women.

These tours are greatly planned in detail. From Day 1 until the last day, the company organizing is the sole responsible in making sure that there’s fluency in every step of the process. (You know what I mean by fluency)

(1) Meet and greet

(2) Arrange exclusive dates between the man and the woman he found most compatible.

(3) The rest is history.

For more information, help me click this link for more information.

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