Cartagena Tours

(Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash)

Zooming in reveals the imperfections but it never makes a country less beautiful. Tourists look for adventures and that is what makes the mystery more intriguing but worth caving in. 

Divided into various timezones, various continents offer different amenities but not as beautifully carved in Colombia. Cartagena, just like any other Latin town, is a total package with the serenity as a plus factor for any other tourist. 

The atmosphere is an automatic time machine; it takes you back to the 1500s where the Spaniards under King Philip I conquered it. The pavements remind you of how history has shaped Cartagena into a blooming, yet historically captivating habitue for tourists. 

(Photo by Orlando Noor on Unsplash)

The French men have also failed to conquer the historic town along the walled pillars that prevent Colombians during the 1500s from escaping or committing sedition. History has so much to tell from the walled pillars that welcome any bedazzled tourist. 

As our romantic tours promote local tourism, hitting two birds is the next step–travel with someone whom you can share your life with

Whether it be “Solo backpacking” or “Group Traveling”, having it as a hobby is a crowd favorite among single men. Wandering makes it lovelier as the retro music plays along with the woman you can call your “life”. I personally find Latin music romantic with all the slow rhythm that gets stuck in your head. 

Cartagena has so much to offer that you can call it your second home. Learning to dance Salsa at a local Salsa bar, strolling along Getsemani to take great photos or beach hopping from Playa Blanca to the Rosario Islands to complete your Cartagena travel. 

(Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash)

Traveling is another synonym for dating yourself but Not one man is an island. So, why not take part of romantic tours where you can meet the friendliest women in Cartagena? 

I would appreciate your comments and suggestions in the box below. 


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