Colombian Woman

Colombian woman (noun). A woman of Colombian descent. A Latin woman who has deep-set values centralizing the core-family values.


The Colombian woman took good care of her husband and children amidst the demands of her profession as a lawyer.

The world is empty without Colombian women and this is entirely true. The most caring people in the world are living the simple life–discreet but goal-driven. These women are basically warm-hearted people, sensual, sensitive and above it all, career-driven as most Latin countries share this common vision.


(Photo by Wilson Tovar on Unsplash)

The warmest people know the value of family and having one. Knowing the roles of wife is different from acting the roles and Colombian women know the former and the latter. Living a simple life doesn’t entirely mean staying at home to wash the dishes, clean the floors or even do the laundry when in fact the simple life would connote living a well-consummated marriage life with 100% focus for one’s family. It can duly be attributed to the Latin Culture on how tradition made sure to convey these embedded values–not just to Single Latin women but to every woman in Hispanic grounds.

Conservative as people label it, but every traveler can attest to the warmth that Latin women in these countries radiate and it makes each one of them come back until the nth time. Spain, for example, invests deeply in Tourism as it becomes a natural skin tone– no need for any make-up or any surgery at all. There is so much with the warmth from these women that makes you think twice in putting greater carvings for money more than the actual relationship.

One may have the brightest wedding ceremony and yet, the real test begins after all the music fades away. In this manner, I have personally noticed how the numbers become too unimaginable but realistically, there has been voluminous number of divorced men in the United States and I just cannot plainly think on what is entirely wrong with their set-up.


(Photo by Tom Pumford on Unsplash)

Luckily, Colombian women have so much storage for virtues versus values as the tale as old as time remains true until now in Colombia. The divorce rate remains very low compared to other countries like China, United States and Canada.

Factually, Colombia has one of the lowest divorce rates in the world.

There might be a powerful question in between the deep-set core values and the level of fidelity and belief in marriage. Who knows, but for Colombian women, this already proves a lot.


(Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash)

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