Beautiful Thieves

I remember how my mom once cried after finding out how she could have given half of her savings to a guy whom she met online. (Also half of mine)

It was a guy from Harvard and had very limited number of friends. The guy looked pretty decent and posts were very aloof. We do get friends who choose a lesser number of people whom they interact with but this does not totally remove the bar of doubt. The guy called my mom using a number that is from the United Kingdom and it gave us a relief that this guy might be true. Whichever manner it spins, romance always seeks ways to communicate with the one you love.

Throughout the days, it went on and on and the guy traveled from one country to another with changing country codes. The clincher round came in too early when the guy was trapped in Malaysia and needed a lump sum that would have cost us our life savings.

A Romance Scam is a subtle trick involving feigned romantic values towards the victim, gaining their affection and using sympathy as a tool to extract monetary compensation for a job well done–in fooling hopeless romantics. The world is not getting any better as our laws are still coping up with an International crime involving Nigerians and Russians.

As I have previously suspected, the guy that my mom hoped for her future could be a Nigerian and sadly, it ended abruptly with my mom feeling devastated for what she has found out. Online wooing may take days or weeks but as they say, “only fools fall in love” and sadly, the “fools” are rubbed in a romantic way. This modus has gone a long way and had been recreated and re-innovated in a thousand ways to sugar coat this worldwide modus.

Love is a basic need of man and raising the bar instinctively, we should also learn to double check the sources and put above-the-level scrutiny in making sure that the man/woman you are dating is not a Beautiful Thief. 

Here in, we are an advocate of genuine online dating experience and we strongly promote awareness among singles. After all, we can’t fully gauge how much you’ve loved and lost when you are barking at a pseudo-tree.

Limited time is no excuse in finding the right channel. Help me by reading more our site: and tell us what you think in the comments below.






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