Found love at a hopeless place

I remembered my previous article re-defining the edges of a Romance Scam, the alarm never stops ringing. Not a single snooze can make it stop as the trend provides more scammed people re-surfacing. It is embarrassing and heartbreaking but one must step forward and create awareness for everybody and especially to all women.

The newspapers last week quoted Koreans being lured into Romance scams and now, surprisingly, the scammers never learned to STOP this sick idolatry for illegal money. American women have also become part of this online modus operandi and are being victimized by these until now. Also in my previous post, Asians are also being lured into this. Collating the data, women are the victims.

A report reiterated Nigerians and Russians in full-fledged operations in dating websites, preying on vulnerable widows re-seeking love and acceptance. Whereas money is involved and will always be, the sad fate rolls on and on as women forget the needed filters and identity markers in identifying the authenticity of each individual. The law may lack the sharpened teeth to incorporate the law regarding fraudulent activities, however, learning to control one’s emotions is another step into finding the right love at the right place (finally).

Technology becomes more and more important in tracking IP addresses and various up-to-date strategies to identify and put a stop to this online menace. There may be not enough intelligence reports in behalf of these underground perpetrators however, everyone can always practice extra care and judgement in learning from the $25,000,000 in losses from various women. Swimming in the pool of modern technology and yet the heart wants what it wants.

Each country has its own legislation regarding the Magna Carta for women and it has its own process to provide closure and protection to its very own citizens. Not until the day of judgement, women will always be the victims of love. The hopeless people will always find that love at the same place one lost it and before we even learn to regret the value of $1,000,000 or $500,000 in life savings–practice scrunity and extra care in everything that you do.




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